Metal Fabrication

JB Mechanical Services has been a core metal fabrication company from the beginning. We have stayed relevant and UpToDate in this fast-changing industry by being in a constant evolution of our technological and skill development aspects. We always aspire to stay ahead of the curve of the developments in the industry by having the best machinery and the manpower.

We have experience and expertise in steel structures, industrial sheds, mezzanine floors, staircases, platforms, car park sheds, lift separator beams, canopies, walkways, gratings, trench covers, ladders, chequered plates, light poles, anchor bolts, brackets and other miscellaneous metal items.We are proud of our metal fabrication services being a big part of the realization of the dreams of our clients, vison of the architects, and schedule the project managers.

When you chose us, we ensure the best of the best.

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

No two projects are alike and custom metal fabrications are on the rise over the years. The desire to create individuality and uniqueness in every project has become a standard. The need to stand out from the crowd has been part of the human DNA and the same applies to the actions and the creative output. Every client needs his identity to be different and every architect has his own creative identity. One of the best mediums of displaying these have been through metal fabrication to bring out the desired outcome.

Our machine shop is equipped to meet this requirement of our customers and provide for that uniqueness with our excellence in the custom metal fabrication works. Every project in this respect is special to us and we utilize our top resources in bringing the fulfillment of that vision in the finished product. From the facade of a building with unique cladding to the unique door handles to the designer handrails to the intricate design cutouts to the organizational identity through the logo etc., all are handled throughout metal fabrication services and to the finest results.


We also cater to the needs of bespoke products in the industrial and retail segments for items, like gears, couplings, flanges, spacers, screws, etc. We maintain a high degree of precision and quality which is one of the primary requisites for these jobs. The retrofit projects have a greater requirement for custom metal fabrication works due to the limitation faced with these kinds of projects.

The challenges thrown at us at these retrofit projects have helped us grow in our knowledge, stature, and skills as a custom metal fabrication outfit.

Metal Plating

At JB Mechanical services are, we are a complete in-house services organization and no job is completed without surface coating like electroplating, powder coating, galvanizing, etc. The necessity to meet the requirements of the specification and the need for the look and life of the product is completed with the surface coatings as per the pre-requisites.

Electroplating serves in reigning in the budget for the project while matching the decorative requirements. The cost constraints on projects will make it difficult to go all out with stainless steel and electroplating helps in the compromise from stainless steel to other materials without compromising the loos and feel of the products. The electroplated coating also helps in preserving the metals or any objects by preventing it from exposure to the natural elements. Sacrificial coating, decorative coating, and functional coatings are all performed by us in our plant to the satisfaction of the client, specifications, and meeting the local authority’s regulations. Our electroplating services are of the highest standards and the excellent value for the buck out there.

Powder coating

Powder coating contributes to the ever-growing need for being environmentally friendly. Powder coating avoids those liquid coating which in time with exposure exudes volatile organic components due to the solvents present in them. The process of electrostatically applying powder to the surface of the product removes the need of r the liquid solvent and provides a thicker coat than liquid-based coatings.

As the curing can be done after applying multiple coats, as per the requirements, reduces the time of the process greatly. Powder coating ensures the same finish as a liquid solvent-based coating and avoids the need to finish it with expensive environment-friendly overlayers.


Surface Treatments

Sandblasting, galvanizing and epoxy/enamel paintings are of the other services provided, and by these, we try to meet all the surface coating requirements. All surface coatings methods have their own purpose & requirements. Though some may be interchangeable but predominantly the use of the surface coating is as per the prescribed specification and regulations.

WE at JB Mechanical services have set ourselves up to be among the best in the list of providers of all the required services for surface coating needs along with all other services under our umbrella.

Supply and Installation of Stainless Steel

Handrails, Balustrades, Cladding, Panels, Spacer Fittings, Foot Rails, Handles, Cabinets, Tables, inserts, inlays, Tanks, Piping, Lift Entrance Jambs with Transom and all kind of Decorative products & Architectural SS works for Joinery & Interior decoration.


Mild Steel

Steel Structures, Industrial sheds, Mezzanine floors, staircases,handrails, platforms, Car park sheds, Lift Separator Beams, Canopies, Walk ways, Gratings, Trench covers, ladders, Chequered plates, light poles, Anchor bolts, brackets and other miscellaneous Steel items as per drawing and specifications.

Machine Shop

We undertake the machine jobs of Flanges, couplings, Anchors and all general machining products.


Pre Fabrication Activities

We can offer the Pre-fabrication operations like sheet/plate shearing and bending; pipe bending, rolling and punching