CNC Laser Cutting 

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) enables the full automation of the laser cutting process by moving the working sheet or the beam under the control of the CNC as per the setting provided by the Operator. The machine takes the inputs from the operator and the operations are executed and repeated as many time as required without any errors with the help of CNC.

We provide the best result in Laser Cutting for types of metals like Aluminium, Mild Steel and Stainless Steel.

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Laser Cutting Service

Benefits of CNC Laser Cutting with JB Mechanical Services

JB Mechanical services have been in the business for a long time which has made us understand the market, projects, and requirements of the clients. We take every project as a new challenge and are prepared to tackle it head-on and our experience is what enabled us to be in that position. We strive always to stand head and shoulder above the competition and for that, we have been in constant up-gradation of the technology, skills of the team through training, and class-leading machinery.

We are ready for any intricate or complex projects as are our machines in tackling the convoluted and complicated cutting jobs.

CNC Laser Cutting and Laser engraving

CNC Engraving & CNC Laser Cutting Services in Dubai

We can do all types of products to match any specifications as per the requirements of the client. We are focused on sheet profiles cut according to the CAD designs. We are capable to cut any kind of materials from the customer requirements.Our laser cutting machine has the capability to cut the metals up to 25mm Mild steel, 25mm stainless steel and 10mm aluminium. Fully equipped machines with highly professional in-house team will ensure that the finished product will 100% comply with the requirements and the given specifications.

Features of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is becoming more sought after due to the benefits of the method compared to the other forms of cutting.

  • Precision is the Key – The accuracy and precision of the laser cutting machines outshine the rest of the methods as they pale in comparison.
  • Speed – The cutting process is faster in comparison and gives a better headroom for project managers in their tight schedules. with the machines.
  • Extremely flexible – May it be simple works or complex works; all can be handled with the same ease on a laser cutting machine.
  • Easy setup – Relatively quicker set up for the machine and the sheets to be cut thus avoiding unwanted delays and obstructions.
  • Superior quality cuts – The machines provide far superior quality cuts and avoid unnecessary time wasted in finishing the cut surfaces.
  • Use on the variety of materials – The control on the heat of the laser beams aloe it to be used on a variety of materials with the same results.