Waterjet Cutting Services

We offer professional and flexible Waterjet cutting service to all our customers from the project designing till completion.At JB Mech, We provide precision and intricate plate Waterjet cutting for wide variety of extremely dense and thick materials.Using our latest technology waterjet CNC cutting machine from (KMT water jet systems, Germany) which is one of the most powerful waterjet cutting machines.

  • Pure Water Cutting
  • Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

It is the method of cutting a wide veriety of materials by focusing high-pressure jet of water through a nozzle on the work area.JB Mech provide Hi-precision waterjet cutting services in Dubai for all materials like hard metals,aluminum, granites,glass etc

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Benefits of Waterjet Cutting with Jbmech

JB Mechanical services has the top-performing machines in the region and also one of the best in the industry. Our know-how in the field is an added benefit for our customers. We are focused on our machines that can provide the best solution to the problems/projects put forward to us. Our highly trained technicians along with the best machines employed on each job achieves the best possible result. We strive to be the best in the industry and to stay the best. For that, we leave no stone unturned to achieve our goals in the best way possible.

Features of Waterjet Cutting

Most commonly used on the materials were the material composition should not change or disturb if cut through Laser or Plasma methods. It is done on those which are not possible to cut by other methods due to the thickness or materials.

  • Cold process – It is a cold cutting process eliminating the heat and the hazards related to it. Also, the cold process will not harm or change the product compared to the heated process by other methods.
  • Pressure versatility – The pressure can be adjusted on the machines enabling to cut on different materials with different thicknesses.
  • Interchangeable Nozzles – The nozzles on water jet machines can be changed according to the requirement of the cutting and thus creating different kerf.
  • Intricate cuts – With the help of software and 3D machine heads intricate and complicated shapes can be produced. The use of different types of abrasive also helps in this process.
  • Minimal Wastage – No wastages produced in the water jet cutting procedure and thus it is a much cleaner process.