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We are true specialists in the areas of contract cutting and experts in Laser , Waterjet, and Plasma cutting. We fulfill all the requirements of our clients to the highest of the industry standards and meets all the specifications required by the local authorities. As experts in laser, waterjet and plasma cutting, we have successfully delivered projects to various industries across the Middle East.

How We Work & What We Do

JB Mechanical Services is one of the prominent names in the field of metal profiling and sheet metal work, with our base in Dubai -UAE. We have been able to carve out our own niche through the efforts we have put in for the past decade and more.Our expertise, experience, machinery and skilled manpower can fulfill your most complex, versatile, and time-strapped projects to successful completion. We are capable of providing the best results, as we always ensure the best quality materials, superior workmanship, and attention to detail thus achieving the level of precision and perfection required by our customers.

We prioritize the requirements of our customers and understanding the importance of the same to the entire project, to form the best strategies and methods in executing the project. Our expert team and machinery, in tandem, then work towards achieving the target for the deliverables, all the while coordinating with the customer in verifying the requirements. Our experience and expertise over the decade have provided us with insights helpful for our future endeavors.

What We Have – As Experts In Laser ,Waterjet & Plasma Cutting

We have the best machines in laser,waterjet and plasma cutting along with others to provide for projects and works of any scale, timeline, and design complexities. Our pre qualification can attest to our abilities through the history we have with our clients and the efficiency with which we had completed our projects. Our inhouse abilities make us able to react to the changes faster and adapt to many situations and challenges in our way.

Bystronic Bystar 3015, 6 KW

Swiss made Laser machine
Size: 1500*3000mm

Bystronic Bystar 4020, 6 KW

Swiss made Laser machine
Size: 2000*4000mm

Bystronic Bystar L 6020, 6 KW

Swiss made Laser machine
Size: 2000*6000mm

Water Jet Germany S3020

Water Jet Machine
Pressure: 6200 Bar, with KMT Pump

Water Jet Germany S3015

Water Jet Machine
Pressure: 6200 Bar, with KMT Pump

Hypertherm 6020

US Made Plasma Cutting Machine
Size: 2000*6000mm

Our Team

Our team is our strength and we promote a salubrious culture in our organization with mutual respect, support, and healthy competition. It helps in the growth of our team’s knowledge, skillset, and morale thus benefiting with better and efficient productivity. Our engineers, supervisors, operators, technicians, etc. are experienced and well trained in their respective jobs and capable of tackling any challenges. With periodic training, we make sure to upgrade their skill set and knowledge to keep them up to date with technological advancements and industrial standards. Our team’s experience has taught us to not be complacent, to give every project its due credit, and to take every project with equal professionalism whether it is small, medium, or big.

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