Laser Cutting Services

For Industrial purposes Laser cutting is the most advanced cutting technology used Globaly compared to other cutting technologies. Laser cutting services can be applied in cutting, drilling, engraving, ablation, structuring and welding.Laser Cutting will provide you the best result with precision on any scale of production to suit a variety of requirements from complex to artistic designs. The use of advanced technology ensures the speed in production while being efficient thus adept in supporting very stiff deadlines of our clients.

We JB Mech, provide the most accurate CNC engraving and CNC Laser Cutting Services in Dubai and all over UAE.We undertake contract cutting in LASER cutting services in Dubai ,Abu Dhabi and for all CNC cutting services as well.

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WaterJet Cutting Services

Waterjet cutting is the foremost method chosen in cutting through hard metals,aluminum, granites,glass,tiles, etc. Waterjet cutting is sought-after solution by our customers for a verity of material that are sensitive for the other forms of cutters.It is also versatile enough to fulfill the cutting needs of our customer’s requirements in softwood and rubber materials.

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Plasma Cutting Services

Specialized jobs require specific machinery and our plasma cutting services can satisfy those unique project requisites. Be it ferrous or non-ferrous, the plasma cutting process can offer the most flexible answer in cutting or producing quality holes for all electrically conductive materials, with the aid of the jet of flowing hot plasma.

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metal fabrication

Metal Fabrication Services

We offer our services from the pre-fabrication operation like sheet/plate shearing and bending, pipe bending, rolling and punching etc., to supply and installation of the final products as per the drawings and specifications of the architect/client and to the approvals of the local authorities. We are adept at stainless-steel works on handrails, balustrades, cladding, panels, spacer fittings, foot rails, handles, cabinets, tables, inserts, inlays, tanks, piping, lift entrance jambs with transom and all kinds of decorative products and architectural SS works for joinery and interior decorations.

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