Laser cutting technology has evolved from the initial form on its discovery to a more efficient system in the recent times and still improving in different aspects and thus providing an overall efficiency and effectiveness. The laser cutting machines are in use in different industries like the automobile, transportation, electronics, appliances, aerospace, construction, etc. The laser cutting machine has enabled the growth of the industries in general by providing faster and efficient solutions for the cutting problems for a lot of industries. Without the advancements in laser cutting technology or of the non-existence of the technology, the time constraints, the quality of the cuttings, etc. would have been issues for which the industries needed solutions for going forward. The simplification of these kinds of hard tasks has reduced the strain of energy and brain resources for the cutting processes and thus these resources were effectively utilized in the developmental aspects of the growth of other factors that were lagging behind in the overall growth spectrum. The laser cutting technology has improved and evolved into solid-state laser cutting, fiber lasers, disc lasers, etc. from the first CO2 laser cutting machines. The understanding of the different processes of laser cutting has also helped in the use of laser cutting for a verity of materials with different processes of cutting like the fusion cutting, flame-cutting, or sublimation cutting.

The cutting industry has been largely impacted by the arrival of laser cutting machines and from then onwards these machines have had a good share of the cutting machines industry. Laser cutting machines have steadily improved over time and the demand for the machines increased. The increased production of these machines due to the demand has seen the competition and thus competitive pricing making it affordable for a whole new segment of the market. The laser cutting market share is estimated at 4.5 billion USD as of 2019 and has an optimistic growth expectation to 5.7 billion USD in the next 5 years. The growth of the general economies is one of the driving forces of growth of any industries and the laser cutting machines industry is no different. Other than the growth of the economy there are several other factors that can influence the growth or give fire to the spark o growth for an industry. Here below are some factors that can be credited as the growth hormones for the laser cutting machines and technology industry.

Driving Force of Growth of the Laser Cutting Industry

There are several factors that become part of the factors of growth for the laser cutting industry and any discussion on the subject will remain important material for research and study but will never be exhaustive. The parts in play may be numerous and inter-connected and related and the counting on all factors might become an impossible task and any miscalculation can provide an erroneous report. These complications make it harder to take into account all accounts and just focus on the import factors and their impact on the industry. The important factors can be categorized as below.

Growth of Laser Cutting Users Market – The growth of the world economy entails the growth of all the industries in general which creates the need for the laser cutting machines for the increased production requirements of the market. Also, the additional increase in the new industries finding out laser cutting solutions to be incorporated into their process of production becomes a major driving force for the growth of the laser cutting industry.

Increased Automation in the industries – Th increased automation in the industries for better production speed, accuracy, and quality provides another r major boost to the laser cutting industry. Laser cutting machines have the capability of being computer-controlled and thus provide good production rate and quality of the works. This element makes it an attractive solution for the cutting automation for the industries.

New Technologies in Machines – The technological improvements in the laser cutting machines are in constant development to meet the need of the market and the Users. Providing new solutions and better efficiency for the existing technology is always the target of the machine manufacturers which pushes for improvements. These improvements allow it to become a viable and profitable solution for the users of the laser cutting machines.

Competition from Alternative Cutting Technology – Stiff competition from other alternative cutting technology solutions keep the laser cutting industry on its toes. Healthy competitions are always beneficial for the industries as a whole and laser cutting technology is always in a tug-of-war with other cutting solution technology and industries thus providing growth and improvement as a whole for the industries.

Research & Development Push on the Industry – Research and development in the industry has helped in the growth of the industry and will remain a constant factor for providing that growth. The results of these researches and development help the industry to produce better and more efficient and effective technology and machines in providing laser cutting solutions and will be always in the lookout for new developments in the pipeline for the future.

These can be mentioned as the major economic or general factors influencing the growth of the laser cutting. There are other factors of technical aspects that are the cogs in the growth of the laser cutting machines. The improvements in the laser cutting machines nozzles, increased power in the machine’s output, automation providing flexibility and increased capacity, etc. are examples of these.